Tomasz A. Kowalewski

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+48-228269815 (fax) 
Room 227 
Professor dr habil.

Polish Academy of Sciences
Department of Biosystems and Soft Matter
Pawinskiego 5B 
PL 02-106 Warszawa
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Laboratory of Modeling in Biology and Medicine

Pierini Research Group

Department of Biosystems and Soft Matter

Department of Mechanics and Physics of Fluids (archived local web page)

Fluid Mechanics Seminar (archive)

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LINK TO MOVIE Brownian motion of highly deformable hydrogel nanofilament (movie)
LINK TO MOVIE AFM combined with OT: cell membrane probing (movie)
LINK TO NANOFIBRE Electrospinning of nanofibers
LINK TO BIO Bio-fluidics: C.elegans fed with fluorescent nanospheres
Seminar by Aleksandra Nowicka (17.06.2009)
LINK TO SLIDING DROPLETS Sliding Droplets, EU supported collaboration
LINK TO NANO Micro- and nano-fluidics
LINK TO BIO Bio-fluidics: astrocyte with nanospheres
LINK TO PIVT Natural convection with phase change
LINK TO BREAKUP Breakup of a liquid jet and droplet pinch-off process
LINK TO VAPOUR Visualization of vapour bubble growth
LINK TO SLOPE Modelling slope flow
LINK TO CLOUD Modelling flow of an atmospheric cloud
LINK TO BENCHMARK Validation of numerical simulations for freezing water

Tomasz Kowalewski
June 25, 2017