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Welcome to Micro- and Nano-Fluidics Laboratory
Archived version from 2004 - 2009


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Micro- and Nanofluidics Laboratory was established in November 2006. The main interest of our group involves micro- and nanofluidics and their applications. The application involve nanofibers productions by electrospinning, constructing and designing various MEMS and NEMS devices for bio-chemical analysis, lab-on-chip and cell-on-chip experiments.

Department of Mechanics and Physics of Fluids (ZMiFP) was establish in 2000 as follower of the previous one called Department of Fluid Mechanics - ZMCiG (1954 -- 1987). The research topics involved macroscale fluid flow behaviour (example -rain formation in clouds), hydrodynamics interaction in susspensions, DNA sequencing modelling, neural networks modelling, quantum fluids. In recent years ZMiFP Department was involved in several European projects FP5: FLOXCOM, Low NOx FLOX(r), Combustor for efficiency gas turbines, partner PIVNET2 - A European collaboration on development, quality assessment, and standardization of Particle Image Velocimetry for industrial applications, partner ABIOMED, Applied Biomedical Modelling and Diagnostics, coordinator FP6: NADIA, New Automotive components Designed for and manufactured by Intelligent processing of light Alloys, partner LdV METRO, MEtallurgical TRaining On-line, partner



Insitute of Fundamental Technological Research of Polish Academy of Science (IPPT PAN) was found in 1953. It is the largest institute of Polish Academy of Science. The structure consists of 9 Departments: Department of Physics and Mechanics of Fluids, Department of Computer Methods, Department of Material Science, Department of Ultrasonics, Department of Acustics, Department of Continuum Methods, Department of Sterngth of Materials, Department of Control and Dynamics of Systems, Department of Ecological Building Construction. Institute of Fundamental Technological Research(IPPT) is one of the largest institutes of Polish Academy of Science. The institute employs 29 full professors, 25 associate professors, 98 senior researchers in 10 departments. In terms of EU collaboration the Institute was involved in 35 EU projects (5th,6th framework) and 3 Centers of Excellences.

Institute of Fundamental Technological Research PAN

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