Lab-on-chip devices have wide application in bio-technology. Our group is interested in designing and optimizing of fluidics processes in micro-scale complex systems. The research includes designing optimal geometry for desired application by micro-mixing, electrophoresis, two-phase flows, magnetic field, chemical properties. Currently we are working in cooperation with industry on optimizing lab-on-chip geometry for DNA analysis tool.

Designed nano-materials can have desirable properties, which can be very precise controlled. In our group we are manly interested in bio-degradable materials, which can be applied for drug-delivery systems. We are optimizing methods to obtain nano-fibers by electrospinning. This work is done with collaborations with medical scientists and textile industry. In our lab we are also interested in design of nano-materials by the self-organization process. This allows to obtain complex micro scale structures form basis nano-scale elements.

Bio-modelling involves development of new mathematical models for biological processes as well as meso-scale physical simulations of bio-processes. One of the issue of interests revolves around creating models for gene expression. Another issue is related to drug delivery systems: models and simulations for drug diffusion and drug-cell transport

Mesoscale modelling is very powerful tool to enhance design of micro- and nano-scale devices. Meso-scale model can be either hybrid combination of various scales models or fully mesoscale generalization. In our lab we are interested in designing fast and accurate mesoscale simulation techniques, which combine try to derive needed model from all possible scales: continuum, micro, molecular and quantum mechanical. This is achieved by molecular dynamics and dissipative particle dynamics simulations.


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