Sławomir Błoński Sławomir Błoński, Ph.D. Eng.
Assistant Professor
Head of Bio and Microfluidics Laboratory
Institute of Fundamental Technological Research
Polish Academy of Sciences

Department of Mechanics and Physics of Fluids
Division of Modelling in Biology and Medicine
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Bio and Microfluidic Laboratory

The laboratory consists of 5 rooms with the total area of 104.1m2. Each room is equipped with air conditioning, air humidity control system, running water and high-power electrical connections (80A).

Laboratory sections, facilities and main equipment:

  • Microfluidics Unit

    • Nikon Eclipse E-50i epi-fluorescent microscope combined with high-resolution double-shutter CCD camera (SensiCam, PCO IMAGING) and double-pulsed Nd:YAG laser (SoloPIV, New Wave Research Inc.)

    • syringe pumps (NE-1000, New Era Pump Systems Inc.), peristaltic pump and micro gear pump (Digital Gear Pump, Cole-Parmer Instrument Co.)

    • stereo microscope

    • set of solenoid micro-valves (SIRAI)

    • pressure sensors

    • temperature sensors

  • Microfluidic Devices Fabrication Workshop (will be purchased and delivered by Spring 2012)

    • complete equipment for soft photolithography

    • micro-milling facility

  • Nanofibers Electrospinning Unit

    • complete experimental setup for polymer nanofibers fabrication by electrospinning with necessary accessories for chemistry like fume hood, chemical balance, centrifuge, vortex, magnetic stirrer, water bath, refrigerated/heating circulators, pipettes, etc.

  • Nano-Materials Characterization Unit

    • equipped with integrated system of atomic force microscopy, confocal microscopy and Raman spectroscopy (NTEGRA Spectra, NT-MDT Co.)

  • Tissue Culture Room

    • laminar hood

    • small laminar hood

    • CO2 incubator

    • small CO2 incubator

    • inverted fluorescent microscope Leica DMI3000B

    • water baths

    • freezer (-25°C)

    • ultra-low temperature freezer (-86°C)

    • autoclave

    • water purification system

    • accessories like vortex, magnetic stirrer, thermoblocs, aspirator, pipettes, etc.

  • Molecular Biology Unit

    • Nucleoporator

    • Western Blot Set

    • nucleic acid gel separation system

    • centrifuge

    • micro-centrifuge

    • shaker

    • incubated shaker

    • water baths

    • refrigerators

    • accessories like vortex, magnetic stirrer, thermoblocs, pipettes, etc.

  • Confocal Microscopy Unit

    • confocal microscope Leica TCS SP5 X equipped with environmental chamber, 3 high-efficiency SP detectors and set of 5 lasers: White Light Laser (WLL, tunable excitation wavelengths from 470nm to 670nm with 1nm resolution, up to 8 excitation lines can be used simultaneously), diode 405nm laser, multi-wavelengths Ar laser (458, 476, 488, 496 and 514nm), DPSS 561nm laser and HeNe 633nm laser

  • Other equipment

    • high-speed CMOS camera fiberoptically coupled to GaAsP intensifier (will be purchased and delivered by Spring 2012)

    • high-speed CMOS camera: pco.1200 hs, PCO IMAGING

    • two high resolution CCD cameras for PIV: SensiCam, PCO IMAGING with Scheimpflug adapters for stereo PIV

    • high-frequency 1kHz pulsed DPSS Nd:YAG laser (2mJ at 1064nm, 0.9mJ at 532nm and 0.6mJ at 355nm)

    • 3 DPSS lasers: 100mW at 473nm, 500mW at 532nm and 100mW at 671nm

    • continuous light argon laser: ILA 120 Argon-Ionen-Laser (maximum power 5W)

    • Multi Channel Precision Thermometer: PTM 3040, PREMA Semiconductor GmbH

    • six 1-D and four 3-D hot-wire sensors; maximum sampling-rate: 100kHz

    • accessories like camera lenses, microscope objectives, mirrors, lenses, halogen lamps, sensors of temperature, pressure, humidity, viscosity and others


Last update: September 29, 2011