past event log

Prof. Vitaly Volpert (CNRS - UMR5585, Universite Claude Bernard, Lyon 1) delivered a lecture on Modeling leukemia December 2005
dr Anna Marciniak-Czochra from Institute of Applied Mathematics, University of Heidelberg, Germany delivered a lecture on
Modeling of the effects of inerferon on spatial spread of viral infection
December 2005
Prof. B.U. Felderhof RWTH Aachen, Germany delivered a lecture on
The swimming of animalcules
November 2005
Professor B.U. Felderhof delivered a lecture on Brownian motion of a particle immersed in a viscous compressible fluid between two parallel plane walls
November 2005
Professor Wilmański delivered a lecture on linear poroelastic equations in modelling of bone healing
September 2005
Conference CDMM2005 was co-organized by ABIOMED
September 2005
Prof. Tilmann Glimm delivered a lecture on Equilibrium concentration surfaces in 3-dimensional Turing patterns
July 2005
BF2005: Blood Flow - Modelling and Diagnostics
Organizers: Tomasz A. Kowalewski, Anton van Steenhoven, Andrzej Nowicki
June 2005
BMAT2005: Biomaterials 2005
Organizers: Tomasz Lekszycki, Pawe³ Ma³dyk
May 2005
Dr. B. Erdmann delivered a set of lectures. November 2004
Ultrasound in Biomeasurements, Diagnostics and Therapy
September 2004
Prof. Timothy Pedley delivered a series of lectures
August 2004
Prof. Sam Sideman delivered a series of seminars
August 2004
Tissue remodelling
Organizers: prof. J.J. Telega, dr P. Kowalczyk, dr J. Piekarski
June 2004
Prof. Peter F. Niederer delivered a series of seminars
May-June 2004
High frequency ultrasound for superficial tissue imaging, assessment of bone status
Organizers: prof. A. Nowicki, dr J. Litniewski
June 2004
T. Talheden delivered a series of seminars
April - May 2004
prof. Joseph Mizrahi delivered a series of lectures September - October 2003
Professor F.P. Baaijens delivered a lecture at the annual conference of Polish Society of Biomechanics. September 2003


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