Accomplished, supervised Ph.D disertations
  • 2014 £ukasz Nowak Adaptive feedback control system for reduction of vibroacoustic emission
  • 2013 Arkadiusz Mróz Adaptive impact absorption for wind turbines
  • 2012 Cezary Graczykowski Inflatable Structures for Adaptive Impact Absorption
  • 2011 Piotr Pawlowski Systems of Adaptive Impact Absorption
  • 2011 Marek Kokot Damage Identification in Electrical Network for Structural Health Monitoring
  • 2011 Krzysztof Seku³a Real-Time Dynamic Load Identification
  • 2009 Marcin Wikło Design of adaptive structures under dynamic loadings
  • 2008 Grzegorz Mikułowski Adaptive impact absorbers based on magnetorheological fluids
  • 2008 Andrzej Swiercz Damage identification in skeletal structures using Virtual Distorsion Method in frequency domain
  • 2007 Anita Orłowska Delamination of flexible, elastic structures - Modelling, Identification and Control
  • 2006 Adrian Beko Damage Identification of Cables via Piezodiagnostics
    Co-supervisor: Milan Sokol, Slovak University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering
  • 2004 Nagib Ghaleb Nasher Modeling, diagnostics and control of water networks using Virtual Distortion Method
  • 2003 Tomasz G. Zieliński Impulsed Virtual Distortion Method applied to modelling and detection of structural damage
  • 2003 Paweł Flont Active control of the shape of railway track
  • 2001 Dariusz Wiącek Monitoring, assesment and prediction of damage development in historical buildings
  • 2001 Lech Knap Active dissipation of impact energy in adaptive structures
  • 1998 Przemysław Kołakowski Sensitivity analysis and optimal design of truss structure by Virtual Distortion Method