Dr. hab.Zbigniew Ranachowski (Asscociate Professor of IPPT)

Laboratory of Analysis of Acoustic Emission Signal

Departament of Physical Acoustics

Institute of Fundamental Technological Research

Polish Academy of Sciences

Pawinskiego 5B 02-106 Warsaw

phone No. ++4822 8261281 ext. 163

Professional activity : Acoustic Emission - measurements, equipment design and signal analysis, Windows Pascal programming, monitoring of mechanical properties of materials and construction elements

Dr Zbigniew Ranachowski has promoted three D. Sc and wrote opinions for five D. Sc applicants

 member of European Advisory Panel of of a magazine 'Insight - Non-Destructive Testing and Condition Monitoring ' (UK) - 2002-2010, member of a Board of Polish Acoustical Society -2006-2012, member of Committee of Acoustics of Polish Academy of Sciences (2012-2014), secretary of Scientific Council of  Institute of Fundamental Technological Research

most important publications

1. Marzec A., Lewicki P.P., Ranachowski Z., Debowski T., Cereal food texture evaluation with application of mechanical and acoustical methods, 4, Conference Proc.of Cente of Exellence for Advanced Materials and Structures, edited by Julian Deputat and Zbigniew Ranachowski, IPPT PAN, 2003, ISSN 1730-1521.

2. Fleszynski J., Ranachowski P. Ranachowski Z., Rejmund F, Ultrasonic Non-destructive diagnostic of ceramic line insulators , Insight, The Journal of The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing, Vol 47, No 9, 2005, pp. 530 - 535 .

3. Fleszynski J., Ranachowski P. Ranachowski Z., Rejmund F, Non-destructive ultrasonic measurements of ceramic post insulators used in electricity distribution systems., Insight, The Journal of The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing, Vol 45, No 7, 2003, pp. 493 - 497.

4. Pawelek A., Ranachowski Z., PiatkowskiA., Kudela S., et.al., Acoustic Emission and Strain Mechanisms during Compression at Elevated Temperature of Beta Phase Mg-Li-Al Composites Reinforced with Ceramic Fibres, Archives of Metallurgy and Materials, Kraków, Vol. 52, 2007, pp. 41 - 48.

5.Gondek E., Lewicki P., A Ranachowski Z., Influence of water activity on the acoustic on the acoustic properties of breakfast cereals, Journal of Texture Studies, 37, 2006, 497 - 515 .

6. A. Pawelek, J. Kusnierz, Z. Ranachowski, Z. Jasienski, Anisotropy of acoustic emission and-Portevin-Le Chatelier phenomena in polycrystalline aluminium alloys subjected to tensile tests, Archives of Acoustics, 31, 4, 2006,102-122.

7. Ranachowski Z.,. Piatkowski A., Pawelek A., Jasienski Z., Spectral analysis of acoustic emission signals generated by twinning and shear band formation in silver single crystals subjected to channel-die compression tests, Archives of Acoustics 2006, 204 - 225.

8. Wozniak T.Z., Ranachowski Z., Acoustic Emission during austenite decomposition into lower bainite with midrib, Archives of Acoustics, 31, 3 2006, 319 - 334.
9. Guzik J., Wojtyniak M., Olszowski S., Marczak M., Ranachowski Z., Investigation of acoustic emission signal generated in the friction pair lubricated with oils containing various lubricity additives, Engineering Transactions, 54, 2, 2006, 159 - 166.

10. Lewicki P.P., Marzec A., Ranachowski Z., Acoustic Properties of Foods, Chapter No 24 [in] Food Properties Handbook, ed. M.Shafiur Rahman, CRC Press, New York, 2008, ISBN 978-0-8493-5005-4 (90000).

11. Ranachowski P. Rejmund F., Ranachowski Z., Jaroszewski M., Pospieszna J., Wieczorek K., Acoustic Investigations of Long – rod Insulators and Their Material Properties, IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, 2010 17, 1, pp. 81 – 88.

12. Ranachowski P., Rejmund F., Ranachowski Z., Pawełek A., et al.Mechanoacoustic and microscopic study of alumiminous porcelain resistance to structural degradation, Archives of Metallurgy and Materials, 2011, 1227-1233

13. Ranachowski Z., Jóźwiak-Niedźwiedzka D., Brandt A.M., Dębowski T., Application of Acoustic Emission Method to Determine Critical Stress in Fibre Reinforced Mortar Beams, Archives of Acoustics,2012,  37, 3, 261-268. 

14. Wozniak T.Z., Rożniatowski K., Ranachowski Z.: Acoustic Emission in Bearing Steel during Isothermal Formation of Midrib, Metallic Materials International, 2011, 17, 3, 365 - 337.

15. Kudela, S., Pawełek, A., Ranachowski, Z., Piątkowski, A., Kudela, S. Jr., Ranachowski, P.: Effect of Al alloying on the Hall-Petch strengthening and Acoustic Emission in compressed Mg-Li-Al alloys before and after HPT processing , Metallic Materials, 2011, 49, 4,  271- 277

16. Wozniak T.Z., Rozniatowski K., Ranachowski Z.: Application of acoustic emission to monitor bainitic and martensitic transformation, Metallic Materials, 2011, 49, 5,  319- 331.

17. Pieczyska E.A., Tobushi H., Takeda K., Stróż D., Ranachowski Z., Kulasiński K. Kudela S.Jr., Luckner J., Martensite transformation bands studied in TiNi shape memory alloy by infrared and acoustic emission techniques, Metallic Materials, 2012, 50, 5,  309- 318.

18.  Ranachowski P.,  Rejmund F. , Ranachowski Z.,  Pawełek A. , et.al., Evaluation of the Mullite Hypothesis in Respect of Electrotechnical Porcelains, Archives of Metallurgy and Materials, 2013 58, 1177 - 1181.

19. Jóźwiak-Niedźwiedzka D., Brandt A.M., Ranachowski Z., Self-healing of cracks in fibre reinforced mortar beams made with high calcium fly ash, Cement Lime Concrete, 2012, XVII/LXXIX, 1. 38-49.

 participant of the following Polish State Grants:


N507 056 31/128

N507 598038

and  European Regional Development Fund No. POIG 01.01.02-24-005/09

co-author of three Polish patents

ceremony  of granting  an outstanding  D.Sc. diploma to Paweł Mazuruk, B.Sc., made under supervision of Dr Z.Ranachowski
 (Szczecin Maritime Academy)


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E-mail: zranach@ippt.pan.pl