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will be continued until March 28, 1999

Organizing Committee


Scientific Advisory Committee
G. de Vahl Davis (Australia)
R. Domanski (Warsaw)
P. Furmanski (Warsaw)
D. Gobin (France)
Y. Jaluria (USA)
Z. Kolenda (Cracow)
E. Leonardi (Australia)
H. Ozoe (Japan)
P. Le Quere (France)
M. Niezgodka (Warsaw)
R. Nochetto (USA)
J. Rappaz (Switzerland)
W. Schneider (Austria)
A. Solan (Israel)
K. Suzuki (Japan)

The PCC99 Workshop aims to create a common platform for different groups working on modelling phase change problems. The Workshop will address both the theoretical bases for the solution of physical and mathematical problems concerning phase changes, and the numerical algorithms necessary for efficient and robust computer implementations. Validation and verification of codes and their implementation to practical industrial situations will be given special attention at the meeting. PCC99 should help people working in applied mathematics, numerical modelling and industrial applications to gain knowledge and allow critical assessment of different approaches, numerical methods, physical models and validation methods used in the field.

Proposed topics of the meeting:
  • Fundamentals of phase change phenomena and their implication on the models (supercooling, non-equilibrium problems, interactions of multicomponents, micro-macro scale, microgravity).
  • Different numerical approaches (transformed vs. fixed grid, discrete vs. continuous models, FEM, FDM, FVM, BEM)
  • Validation problems - definition of the crucial factors for the specific problems
  • Specification of numerical and experimental benchmarks (initial conditions, thermal boundary conditions, etc.).
  • Industry specific problems and experimental techniques

    The Workshop will be held in downtown Warsaw in a modern Conference Centre. The basic registration fee includes symposium materials, single bed accommodation with breakfast, lunches and get together party, should not exceed 300 EURO. Details will be available at the begining of the next year. Fee reductions and grants for young participants will also be available on demand.

    A small Abstract volume will be published and provided to participants. Please check here for recommended format of an Extended Abstract (max. 4 pages). The final deadline for submitting an extended abstract is April 30, 1999. After this date we are not able to publish them in the Abstract Book.

    Our conference has been setup to use the services of Atlas Mathematical Conference Abstracts. All conference participants are asked to submit short version of their abstracts at http://at.yorku.ca/cgi-bin/amca/submit/caco-01 The submitted Short Abstracts can be viewed at http://at.yorku.ca/cgi-bin/amca/caco-01 . Every short abstract submitted there will be "World-Wide" visible.

    Authors are encouraged to submit full papers, not later than at the Conference, to be published in a special issue of Computer Assisted Mechanics and Engineering Sciences (CAMES). The papers submitted to this special issue should satisfy the general editorial requirements of the Journal. For more information please see http://www.ippt.gov.pl/~zkulpa/CAMES , or contact the Editor-in-Chief, Prof. M. Kleiber, e-mail: cames@ippt.gov.pl


    Please declare your intention to attend the Workshop and to present a paper as soon as possible. Submitt your abstract before March 28, 1999. The scientific committee will inform you of the acceptance of your contribution before the end of March. Our mailing address:
    E. Rybakiewicz, PCC99 Workshop, IPPT PAN, Swietokrzyska 21, PL 00-049 Warsaw, Poland. Fax: +48-22-8269815, e-mail: pcc99@fluid.ippt.gov.pl
    Further details will be given at the PCC99 Home Page successively.  


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