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IPPT Reports 5/1999

    THURSDAY June 24, 1999  
  13.00-15.00 Lunch
  15.00-16.00 Welcome Coffee
  16.00-16.15 Opening
S1.K1 16.15-17.00 Keynote Lecture: Phase-Field Simulations of Solidification with Convection 

Christoph Beckermann

S1.01 17.00-17.20 The entrainment of flux into the lubrication gap in continuous casting of steel

Herbert Steinruck

S1.02 17.20-17.40 Effects of Thermal Conductivities on Heat and Mass Transferduring Directional Solidification

V. Timchenko, M. El Ganaoui, E. Leonardi, P. Bontoux & G. de Vahl Davis

S1.03 17.40-18.00 Simulation of convection effects on dendritic growth

G. Amberg, R. Tönhardt

S1.04 18.00-18.20 Solidification of a paraffin within tall enclosure

Jozef Goscik

  19.30-22.00 Welcome dinner
    FRIDAY June 25, 1999  
S2.K2 8.15-9.00 Keynote Lecture: Existence of solutions to a phase field model for the isothermal solidification process of a binary alloy 

Jacques Rappaz & J.F. Scheid 

S2.05 9.00-9.20 Numerical simulation of the single crystal growth process

Vladimir P. Ginkin

S2.06 9.20-9.40 Liquid-vapour travelling waves by a kinetic model of van der Waals fluids

K. Piechór, B. Kazmierczak

S2.07 9.40-10.00 Convergence of phase-field equations to the Stefan model

Giulio Schimperna

  10.00-10.30  Coffee Break  
S3.08 10.30-10.50 Error control of Frémond models of shape memory alloys

Ulisse Stefanelli

S3.09 10.50-11.10 A model for particle dissolution in multi-component alloys

F. Vermolen, K. Vuik, S. van der Zwaag

S3.10 11.10-11.30 Generalization of the Navier-Stokes Equations to Two-Phase Flows

Thomas Blesgen

S3.11 11.30-11.50 A Numerical Method for the Resolution of Two-phase Flows and Application to a vertical heated pipe

F. Coquel, E. Godlewski, A. In, B. Perthame and P. Rascle

S3.12 11.50-12.10 2D Numerical Simulation Gas - Liquid Type Phase Transition for Molecules in Ceramics

V. Frishfelds, I. Mazhulis, J. Rimshans

S3.13 12.10-12.30 Generalized integral forms of wall friction, heat and mass transfer factors for drift flux model of two-phase flow in axisymmetrical channels

Y. Kornienko, E. Kornienko

  12.30-14.00  LUNCH  
S4.K3 14.15-15.00 Keynote Lecture: Some interfaces between theory and experiment 

David S. Riley 

S4.14 15.00-15.20 Spreading with Basal Solidification 

M. Bunk, P. Ehrhard

S4.15 15.20-15.40 Numerical and Physical Modeling of the Effect of Different Configurations of Rotating Magnetic Field on Hydrodynamics and Crystallization Front in a Cylindrical Volume

Yu. M. Gelfgat

S4.16 15.40-16.00 High-Azimuthal Number Axisymmetry-Breaking Convective Instabilities in Axisymmetric Freezing of Ice 

A. Yu. Gelfgat, P.Z. Bar-Yoseph, A. Solan and T. A. Kowalewski

  16.00-16.40  Coffee Break  
S5.17 16.40-17.00 Contribution to Optimization of Continuous Casting of Steel Semiproducts

F. Kavicka, K. Stránsk, J. Stetina, P. Ramík, B. Sekanina, V. Dobrovská, J. Dobrovská

S5.18 17.00-17.20 Unsteady Three-dimensional Melt Flow Computation of Czochralski Single Crystal Growth of Super-conducting Material

T. Yamauchi, G. Mika, J. Szmyd, K. Suzuki

S5.19 17.20-17.40 Y distribution in Ba-Cu-O melt during growth of superconducting material Y123 by Crystal Czochralski method

J. S. Szmyd, K. Gajek and K. Suzuki

S5.20 17.40-18.00 Mathematical modeling of transport phenomena during solidification of binary systems using the ensemble averaging approach

Piotr Furmanski

S5.21 18.00-18.20 FEM Analysis of Alloy Solidification Using the Anisotropic Porous Medium Model of the Mushy Zone

J. Banaszek, P. Furmanski

S5.22 18.20-18.40 Identification of a moving solid/liquid interface

A. El Badia

    SATURDAY June 26, 1999  
S6.K4 9.00-9.40 Keynote Lecture: Melting in Enclosures: Coupled Heat Transfer and Natural Convection

Dominique Gobin & Patrick Le Quéré

S6.24 9.40-10.00 Numerical simulation of a semiconductor floating zone

E. Bänsch, B. Höhn

S6.25 10.00-10.20 Finite Element Analysis of Melting Driven by Buoyancy and Surface Tension Forces

M. Medale, M. Jaeger, A. Kaiss

  10.20-11.00  Coffee Break  
S7.26 11.00-11.20 Parallelized method for multiphase diffusion-convection equation

J. Pieska, E. Laitinen

S7.27 11.20-11.40 Stress problems in liquid bridge thermocapillary convection: a numerical approach.

G. Kasperski, G. Labrosse

S7.28 11.40-12.00 A note on possible flow instabilities in melting from the side

P. Le Quéré, D. Gobin

  12.30-14.00  LUNCH  
S8.K5 14.00-14.40 Keynote Lecture: Solidification and melting in microgravity 

Eddie Leonardi 

S8.29 14.40-15.00 Experimental Validation of Temperature and Velocity Fields for the Freezing Water

T.A. Kowalewski, A. Cybulski, M. Rebow

S8.30 15.00-15.20 Natural convection during ice formation: numerical simulation vs. experimental results

F. Stella, M. Giangi, T.A. Kowalewski

  15.20-16.00  Coffee Break  
  16.00-17.00 Closing Panel Discussion

Chairman: Eddie Leonardi 

  19.00-21.30 Opera House: Russian Hamlet
St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre