PCC05 Session scheduled for September 2005!

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is scheduled for 13-16 September, 2005 in Cracow as a Special Session of
Eurotherm Seminar 82


Phase Change with Convection (PCC05) Session of Eurotherm Seminar 82

Solid-liquid phase-change phenomena are present in a large number of industrial applications (materials processing, crystal growth, casting of metal - matrix composites, heat storage, food conservation, cryosurgery) and natural processes. It is generally recognized that the dynamics of such phase change processes are to a large extent influenced by natural convection. Application of numerical methods to metallurgical problems is one of the important points. The LV EU Program METRO will be presented during this session.

We invite you to contribute to the PCC05 session of the Eurotherm Seminar in Krakow (Poland), Sept 13-16, 2005. The aim of the session is to create a common platform for different groups working on modelling phase change problems. The Workshop addresses both the theoretical bases for the solution of physical and mathematical problems concerning phase changes, the numerical algorithms necessary for efficient and robust computer implementations, and industrial applications.

Due to the time constrains a short abstract should be submitted using the Eurotherm webserver with a copy of abstract to PCC05 Session coordinators using email: pcc05@fluid.ippt.gov.pl as soon as possible, preferably before May 1, 2005. Generally abstracts are automatically accepted. In case of doubts (negative opinion of the PCC05 committee), authors will be notified by email do not submit full papers.
The full paper was due by May 30, 2005. Paper acceptance letter was sent after reviewing full paper before June 30, 2005.

Limited support can be made available for young scientists. Signed application describing requested help, followed by personal information (address, age, education) and profesional data (position, experience, title of PCC05 presentation), should be send by fax to the PCC05 organizers. Fax no: +(4822)-8274699 or +(4822)-8269815. Decision will be made after paper acceptance.

Submitted abstracts


Map of Krakow

Session Coordinators:
Tomasz Kowalewski, IPPT PAN, Warsaw
Gustaw Amberg, KTH, Stockholm
Fulvio Stella, La Sapienza, Rome

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