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will be continued until January 31, 1999

The EUROMECH 406 Colloquium aims to create a common platform for groups working on development and application of modern image acquisition and image processing methods in fluid and solid mechanics. Recent progress in image recording and analysis techniques has introduced revolutionary changes into experimental methods in mechanics. However, we often observe that the development of image processing techniques in both fields of mechanics proceeds on parallel paths, very often solving similar problems without knowing from each others work. The EUROMECH 406 meeting should help participants to gain knowledge and allow critical assessment of similarities or differences between image processing methods used in applied mechanics today.

Proposed topics of the meeting:
1. Pattern recognition, analysis of size, shape and deformation
2. Motion analysis, full field measurements of velocity
3. Thermography (infrared, liquid crystals), scalar field measurements
4. Stress and strain analysis
5. Structure analysis, measurement of species concentration
6. Three-dimensional image analysis, tomography
7. New image acquisition methods: high speed & high resolution techniques.

A small Abstract Volume will be published and provided to participants. Please check here for recommended format of an extended abstract (max. 4 pages).

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Authors are encouraged to submit full papers, not later than at the Conference, to be published in a special issue of Machine Graphics & Vision.
The papers submitted to this special issue should satisfy the general editorial requirements of the Journal.
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or contact the Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Wojciech Mokrzycki. E-mail:

CLICK TO GET MAP The Colloquium will be held in downtown Warsaw in a modern Conference Centre. The basic registration fee includes symposium materials, single bed accommodation with breakfast, lunches and get together party, should not exceed 300 EURO. Details will be available at the end of the year. Fee reductions and Euromech Society grants for young participants will also be available.

Please declare your intention to attend the Colloquium and to present a paper not later than January 31, 1999.
The Scientific Committee will inform you of the acceptance of your contribution on February 28, 1999.
Mailing address: IPPT PAN, Swietokrzyska 21, PL 00-049 Warsaw, Poland. Fax: +48-22-8269815.

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