Achieving of the Centre objectives requires simultaneous work in three complementary areas of activity in co-operation with leading European biomechanical and biomedical research centres: fundamental and technology-oriented research, education and training and interaction with industrial research clinics and development centres.

Main issues are:

The dissemination of scientific information will be ensured by organisation of the following complementary actions: 3 advanced courses and summer schools addressed to young researchers, special sessions at 3 international conferences of a more genreal scope, 2 specialised workshops on selected topics of special importance in the research area of the Centre, series of seminars for doctoral studies at international level - several medium-term visits of senior researchers from EU to CoE.

Activity of researchers in implementation of results in biomechanical and joint research projects with biomechanical centres will be stimulated in a natural way by the inflow of scientific information from leading European centres.

The permanent result of this project will be an increased research capacity and international position of IFTR, and a deeper involvement of IFTR in R&D projects, thematic networks and concerned actions. Moreover the co-operation with Polish industrial and medical partners and SMEs will be improved. The involvement in FP6 and national research activities will bring a solid financial perspective for the IFTR even after this project is terminated.