Grzegorz Maciejewski, Ph.D., D.Sc.

Institute of Fundamental Technological Research 

Polish Academy of Sciences


Pawińskiego 5b, 02-106 Warsaw, Poland

room 417

tel. (48 22) 8261281 ext. 321,

fax (48 22) 8269815

email:  gmaciej *at*



Ph.D. 2003, IPPT Warsaw

D.Sc. 2012, IPPT Warsaw





Refereed publications:


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PhD thesis:


The FE method applied to the determination of residual stress distribution in heterostructures (PDF   in polish).





Research interest:

· Continuum and atomistic dislocation modeling

· Numerical modeling of epitaxial structures at the nanoscale

· Interfaces in shape memory alloys

· Computational modeling of inelastic behavior of solids